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Want peace of mind? You can’t put a price on safety. With our security systems, you’ll be able to monitor your property 24/7. Save money, save time, and let us provide you with the security you need.

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CCTV is a very powerful tool in the fight against crime. Not only does CCTV provide a fantastic visual deterrent – footage can be used to provide evidence against anti-social behaviour, theft, vandalism and burglary – saving you thousands in the long run.

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“I was looking for a security system that I could install myself, but was afraid I couldn’t find one that would work. Then I found this company and their products! They made it so simple for me to set up my own surveillance system with all the equipment I needed!”

~ Shravan Avhad

There are no cables on show outside the property. Once installed I was guided through the software on my phone, tablet and monitor. Any questions I had were answered. Playback and saving of the video is simple. Overall this was an exceptionally easy and satisfying process. I can definitely recommend this company for cctv installation packages. Thank you very much.

~ Mihir Prajapati

We are proud user of New ways, Excellent services and prompt response for any problem.
Ketan Rajpara

First time having cctv on my home but would highly recommend, professional service plus very efficient, clean and tidy with excellent customer information every step of the way. Definitely recommend to anyone who is slightly behind on technology as I was.

Amit Tripathi

Unleash yourself, relax yourself

With 24/7 full colour HD CCTV you can have peace of mind that your home or business is fully protected day and night. All security systems come with a mobile app so you can view your CCTV live from anywhere around the world.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are available for both internal and external use. The camera is hidden within the ‘dome’ which makes it very difficult for someone to tell which way it’s facing.

Bullet cameras

Long and cylindrical in shape, bullet cameras are perfect for using outside and they can generally offer better image resolution at distance.

IP CCTV Cameras

If you really want the best CCTV cameras on the market then you really only have one choice, and that is IP CCTV Cameras.

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